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We proudly represent a diverse roster of trained actors, passionate about their craft and set-ready.

About Us
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About Us

We're picky...
very picky...

...but in a good way. We nurture a select roster of actors who have been trained by top-tier coaches in acting and voice-over, ensuring casting directors get the very best...and maybe a few inspired surprises!


We encourage our actors to stretch their creative boundaries, to create their own work, support others in their projects and give back in the community. And in turn, we promise to do everything we can to further their careers and reach their artistic goals. Our actors are:





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Our Voice Talent

Sultry voices, silly voices, booming authoritative voices. We've got variety to make casting easy.


 Casting, grab a seat and
we'll send you our best...

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Our Screen Talent

We've scouted some of the most unique, inspiring, motivated actors  in the industry. What do you need?

Our Team
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Pamela Jones

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Anna- Lisa Jones

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Our Team




We have years of acting, producing, negotiating, casting and management experience in all areas of business, and on both sides of the camera and microphone. We are known for our strong work ethic. We keep our word, honor our commitments and expect the same from our talent. We choose kindness, encourage a work/life balance and if we're too polite...we're OK with that.  We stand for:

What's the story of L.A. Jones?

Click the fedora to find out...

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We love supporting our film, TV, commercial and voice actors, while maintaining strong relationships with some of the most skilled casting directors in the industry.

Think you have what it takes to join our talented community?


" On your mark...
get set..."

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