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The Story of L.A. Jones

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It all started a few years ago...and a few years before that....

Pamela Jones, owner of L.A. Jones once had an acting agent who could never decide whether to submit her as Pam or Pamela. So, as a joke, she started calling her "LA", and sometimes "L.A.",  as in the city down south. What her agent didn't know was that Pam's grandfather had been called L.A. Jones most of his life (shorthand for Leonard Albert). Think fedora. Big white Cadillac - a confident businessman strutting down main street Oakville, Ontario, where it seemed like everyone knew his name. The successful owner of a beauty supply company, he scored the license to manufacture and sell Roux hair color, invented by the son of a New York hair stylist. Eventually, Roux got bought out by Revlon, and today, "Fanciful Rinse" is the #1 temporary hair color in America - thanks in part, to L.A.'s success.

L.A. Jones & Company was also where agent-sisters Pame(la) and Anna-lisa got their start. Their parents met guessed it L.A., at a hair convention, and soon were together on stages across the country, giving seminars on hair color. Their mom had pink hair one day, blue hair the next!

This agency is named L.A. Jones because we are grateful to our colorful parents, and inspired by the tenacity of our big, bold, grandfather - a combination of Jack Nicholson and Colonel Saunders.  He was dramatic and driven,  focused and fearless, and we are too.

So, that's our story and we're sticking to it! Welcome to L.A. Jones Talent! We've got some big shoes to fill!

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